Into The Vault!

by Edgar Allan Ectoplasm

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Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger As a collector of the obscure fuzz this is a real treasure. Can't say enough good things about this brilliant release.
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released May 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Edgar Allan Ectoplasm Chicago, Illinois

Chicago-based horror sludge.

Brandon Kosters
Alex Rowney
Cameron Cowles

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Track Name: Into the Vault
The seed was sown,
The plan was made,
At the drunkard's masquerade,
Pressing on by candlelight,
Supreme madness rules this night

Shackled to the barren wall,
No one hears your desperate call,
Brick and mortar muffled gloom,
Writhing in your putrid tomb
Track Name: Under the Scythe
Your fate is sealed,
Condemned to death,
Glittering steal swishing overhead

The piercing hiss,
The acrid stench,
Drawing nearer with every breath

Losing strength,
The dungeon rats gnaw at your restraints,

The blade ascends,
The coals are lit,
Fatal plunge into the pit
Track Name: The Ape
Cluttering carnage,
A most abysmal site,
Some obscene creature,
Savage in the night,
Swiftly through Rue Morgue,
Lurking in the streets,
Hiding in the shadows,
Evading the police

Cluttering carnage,
A most abysmal site,
Some obscene creature,
Savage in the night,
Was this the Devil's handiwork?
Something God forbade?
Bloodthirsty orangutan,
Brandishing a blade
Track Name: Vulture's Eye
Creep into the bedroom,
Precisely at midnight,
Focusing the shaft of light onto the cursed eye,
Persistant and frantic,
Is the ticking in the old man's chest,
Silently shrouded in shadows,
I lay the man to rest

Celebrating grim victories,
Above where the dead man sleeps,
Trying in earnest to drawn out the ticking with my shrieks,
The eye the pupil,
The very thing I most abhorred,
The hideous heart pulsating through the floorboards